Our Team

2019-2020 Roster

Marquette Crew is a combination of four squads: Varsity Women, Varsity Men, Novice Women, and Novice Men.


Varsity Women

Head Coach Becca L'Hote 

Franki Klebba, Coxswain, So. 

Emily Callahan, Sr.

Ande Bilyeu, Jr.

Claire Conger, Jr.

Sarah Engel, Jr.

Anna Ignarski, Jr.

Alyne Majewski, So.

Hayley Jones, So.

Lauren Grill, So.


Varsity Men

Head Coach Becca L'Hote

Hannah Zurcher, Coxswain, Jr.

Jules Wilson, Coxswain, Sr.

Emmett Marinic, Jr.

Edward "Tex" Davies, Jr.

Tobias Frost, Jr.

Ryan Nordmeyer, Jr.

Cameron Augustyniak, Jr.



Novice Women

Head Coach Alex Hangmann

Elizabeth Tourner, Coxswain, Fr. 

Meghan McFadden, Coxswain, So.

Aloma Blanch Granada, Grad.

Lillian Gihl, Fr. 

Katelyn Bradley, Fr. 

Elizabeth Karlos, Fr. 

Erin Frumkin, Fr. 

Rachel Wasserman, So. 

Anna Kilzer, So. 

Katrina Dettman, So. 

Amalia Liguori-Conneff, So. 

Gabi Tumacder, Fr. 

Katherine O'Leary, Fr. 

Katherine Green, So. 

Lauren Salit, So.

Val Tabares, Fr. 



Novice Men

Head Coach Garrett Ward

Elizabeth Tourner, Coxswain, Fr. 

Anthony Karlos, Fr. 

Danlio Dobrilobic, Fr. 

Hank DeWeerdt, Fr. 

Brendan Sanchez, So. 

Nasser Hyatt-Khan, Fr. 

James Kuchera, Fr. 

Patrick Sanders, Fr. 





Marquette Crew Coaches

Becca L'Hote

Becca L'Hote (Coach Becca) is our Program and Varsity Head Coach. This is her second year coaching for Marquette Crew, her first season being 2018-2019.  Becca was a competitive rower for nine years, four of those years at Marquette. She graduated in 2015 with a bachelors in Psychology. She is excited to continue her work with Marquette Crew, and looking forward to this 2019-2020 season and what it holds for us! Fun fact: Becca rowed in an Oct Rowing Shell (sculling 8).

Garrett Ward

Garrett Ward (Coach Garrett) is our Novice Men's Head Coach. This is his second year coaching at Marquette Crew, and first year being the Novice Men's Head Coach (previously, Garrett was the Novice Head Coach). Garrett began rowing at Marquette Crew his freshman year, and has continued his work with Marquette Crew since joining as a coach. Garrett is currently majoring in Engineering. He is excited to be given the chance to work with the Novice Men's Team this year, and is looking forward to helping them to be the best that they can be!

Fun Fact: Garrett won a Gold medal in one of his races here at Marquette, the first men's team to win in years!

Alec Hangmann

Alec Hangmann is the Novice Women's Head Coach. This is his second year coaching for Marquette Crew (previously he was Assistant Coach of the Novice Team), and his first year coaching all women. Alec rowed for Marquette Crew at his time here, and him and Garrett (Novice Men's Head Coach), rowed together. Alec is excited to be teaching the women how to row, and is looking forward to making the Novice Women's team teh next it can be. 

Fun Fact: Alec triple majoried and double minored, all while rowing. Wow!

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