Dad Vail Regatta 2016

Marquette’s rowing team attended The Dad Vail regatta this weekend out in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This is the largest intercollegiate regatta in the country with over 100 universities in attendance. The team got to see some similar faces from earlier this spring season, such as Grand Valley, Northwestern, and MSOE. The Dad Vail Regatta lasts two days with 175 races taking place. The MU squads where able to leave Milwaukee on Wednesday by bus in order to make it for a practice run on the course Thursday afternoon.

Friday morning came around and the team was on the water racing bright and early at 8:30 with the Varsity Women's 8+. They raced well and took third in their heat advancing to the repechages later in the day. In the reps, they placed first in their heat with a time of 7:30.786, winning their way into semifinals. A couple hours later, the Noviec Women's 4+ started their race and posted a time of 9:18.164. Following them came the Men's Lightweight 4+, racing against our cross town rivals MSOE and some of the fastest teams at the regatta, and posting a time of 7:46.754. After them came the Novice Women's 8+, who placed third in their heat and advanced to the semi-finals on Saturday. The next race was the Men's Varsity 4+ time trial. This was the largest field of the day and our boys finished 22nd, just 8 seconds from advancing. To close out the day, the Varsity Women's 4+ took to the course for their time trial and put up a time of 8:11.

 Saturday morning the team arrived early at the course for the Varsity Women's 8+ semi-final. They placed 6th in there heat which had the fastest average times of the four semifinals heats. They put up their best time of the weekend with a 7:09.608.  Later in the Day the Novice Women took to the course for their semifinals race. They raced hard and put up a time of 7:52.233, finishing 11th in the event overall. This was the first time in several years that Marquette has had two teams advance to race Saturday and is a testament to our club's improvement. Thank you to all the parents and alumni that came out in support of the team. We will close out the season at the ACRA National Championship two weeks from now in Georgia. Hope to see you there!

MACRA 2016

This weekend, Marquette Crew attended MACRA in Cincinnati, Ohio on the gorgeous Harsha Lake course. This is the team’s final race before they make the trip out to the Dad Vail Regatta, and the times here help determine seeding out in Philadelphia. The started out the surprisingly beautiful day early at 8am, where the Varsity Men's 4+ posted a time of 6:58.8 in their heat and snatched third by .3 seconds overall. The race was tight for all 2000 meters, but our boys pulled ahead with a phenomenal final sprint to advance to the Grand Final.  The following race was the Varsity Women's 4+ which raced hard, and posted a time of 9:01.4 in the event with the largest field of the day. Following them was the Novice Women's 4+, who placed third in their heat with a time of 8:51.6 to advance to the Grand Final. The next boats up were the Varsity Women's 8+ and the Varsity Men's 8+. The Women took third in their heat and advanced onto the Grand Final. The men missed out on the Grand Final by a few second, but put up a good time of 6:41.7. The finals began in the afternoon, and four of the Varsity Men got right back on the water for the open weight Varsity Men 4+. They raced against some of the best teams in the country, and were behind the winning boat by 17 seconds. The lightweight men followed them racing well against some strong competition in their straight to final race. Next came the Novice Women's 8+ where they raced straight to finals. Our #9 Novice Women's 8+ placed second losing out to only #5 Grand Valley State, and were the only squad to medal this weekend. The Varsity 8+ finals wrapped up the day, starting with the Varsity Men's 8+ Petite Final. The day closed out with the Varsity Women's 8+ missing 6th in the grand finals by 1.4 seconds. All the teams raced well and Marquette placed tenth in overall points. Next weekend is the end of year banquet. Hope to see you there!

Illinois Collegiate Rowing Invitational 2016

Marquette Crew attended the Illinois Collegiate Rowing Invitational where we were able to show how far our club has come. We arrived in Dewitt, Illinois on Friday night were David and Joni Newberg invited us to stay on their farm. The next morning, the team woke up early and made it over to the course on Clinton Lake for the 7:30 coaches and coxswains meeting. First call for the Varsity Women's 8+ was bright and early, and our Varsity Women's 1V started us off with a successful day of rowing. The Varsity Women won their heat and set the tempo for what Marquette Crew was going to do all day. Every single Marquette boat following that performed well enough to advance to their grand final. On the women’s side, our Novice Women won gold in both the Novice Women's 8+ and the Novice Women's 4+. Their performance was a true testament to the hard work they put in and the depth they have as a squad, truly earning their rank of 7th nationally. The Varsity Women's 8+ was able to come out and win their event with open water, and the Varsity Women's 4+ was also able to advance to their grand final where they finished 6th.  Our women however were not the only squad to bring home some hardware this weekend. The Novice Men were able to win their heat and grand final by multiple boat lengths, displaying a promising future for the men’s program. Both of the Varsity Men’s boats also competed in their grand final, with the Varsity Men 4+ taking third against the largest field of the day. We also had a phenomenal turnout from our parents who as always were an integral part of the regatta experience. A big thank you goes out to everyone who supported us, especially the Newberg family, and we are excited to see everyone in two weeks down in Cincinnati for the MACRA Championships.

Lubbers Cup & Milwaukee Invite 2016

This past weekend, the Marquette Crew Men and Women opened up our spring racing season. The women got invited to the very competitive Lubbers Cup in Spring Lake, Michigan, and the men attended the Milwaukee Invite against our cross-town rivals MSOE.  All four squads faced subfreezing temperatures, high winds, snow, and in the case of the women’s team, a bit of hail.

At the Lubbers Cup, all of the women’s boats got to race the course multiple times throughout the weekend in a unique round robin regatta. This was the first time Marquette has been invited to this race since the regatta format has changed, and the regatta draws many of the fastest teams in the Midwest. Despite the rough conditions, the racing was solid. A few of the notable performances were the Varsity Women 8+ placing 2nd in their second heat and the Novice Women 8+ placing 2nd in their second heat.  We are very grateful to George Stanley for housing and feeding our rowers in Michigan, as well as Leslie and Steve Woodridge for allowing our rowers to escape the harsh weather.

The Men’s team stayed in Milwaukee for the Second Annual Milwaukee Invite against MSOE and Northwestern. The men competed in a 1300 meter sprint, and had a lot of fun competing in the Milwaukee snow.  It was a great opportunity to see where the teams are coming off the winter season and the spring training trip. Catch up with us this weekend as we travel to Clinton Lake in Illinois for the Illinois Collegiate Rowing Invitational.   

Two Coaches Join Marquette Crew

Marquette Crew was excited to introduce to new members to our coaching staff for 2015-2016 season. Coach Taylor Valentine and Coach Bri Price have assumed roles as the Novice Men's coaches. Check out the Coaching Press Release to learn more about both Coaches road to this moment.  

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